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Filter Product Range

Oil Filters Product Details
ACDelco Oil Filters are easy to install. Their primary aim is to reduce wear and tear on the engine. The oil filter removes contaminants from the frictional parts which helps the cooling and sealing of the engine to promote efficiency.
Air Filters Product Details
ACDelco Air Filters are vital in keeping the contamination of the intake system. It prevents contaminated air being mixed with the fuel before entering the combustion chamber.
Fuel Filters Product Details
ACDelco Fuel Filters are a vital component in keeping contamination from the intake system. ACDelco Fuel Filters prevent contaminated air to be mixed with the fuel before entering the combustion chamber. The complete range of ACDelco fuel Filters are E85 compatible.

Cabin Air Filters Product Details

ACDelco Cabin Air Filters are designed to help filter out moulds, pollen, allergens, smoke, fumes, and odours. When changed regularly (every 30,000 kms as a general rule), cabin filters can help reduce wear on your vehicle’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system.

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